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Handling of personal data
Under the European Regulation 679/2016 which refers to personal data protection, please be informed herewith that:

Personal data which you have supplied to us will be used in accordance with the content of the regulation UE 679/2016 in order to complete the service(s) requested by you.
Should consent to use your data not be provided, we will not be able to proceed with the requested service(s).

Your data will be managed in relation to this specific request and are related to the normal activity of a relationship with customers / users of services or potential ones; no mass marketing activity is envisaged, except for specific purposes relating to ESO’s educational activities (specific consent to be provided).
Data retention (which in any case may not exceed 10 years from the last update) is linked to the existence of a supply of goods / services, to legal obligations or to specific treatment needs of which you are a part of. It is your right to request the deletion of your data when the same right is not in opposition to any legal obligations.
In the event of registrations to events held in partnership with other entities (clearly specified in the title of the event or by requesting to ESO), please be aware that the partner should be considered as data joint controller and that the consents provided to ESO will be transferred to the partner as well. Possible subsequent consent modifications will need to be communicated to the partner directly.

The provided data will be communicated to collaborators appointed by ESO in order to complete the services requested, to banks or credit institutions for the processing and management of payments, to public institutions and public security bodies for legal obligations linked to the tasks assigned to ESO and to any third parties only as a result of their role in the fulfilment of the services you are requesting to ESO.

ESO does not foresee your data being transferred outside the European Union or to countries that have not agreed to the GDPR regulation except in cases listed in article 49 of the European Regulation 679/2016, however possible third parties might consider this possibility.

You have the right to obtain the cancellation, limitation, updating, portability, opposition to the processing of your personal data as indicated in articles 15,16,17,18,19,20,21 and 22 of the European Regulation 679/2016.

The data controller is the European School of Oncology, Via Turati 29, Milan, Italy. Protection Data Manager: Dott. Alberto Costa.
Any privacy-related issues can be addressed to:


The sending of a communication through this website is intended as a clear expression of consent to the processing of data for the purposes indicated in the statements above.

I authorize the European School of Oncology to use the provided data in relation to the purposes indicated in the statements above and for all the specific uses for which my consent is not foreseen (art. 6, paragraph 1, letter b).
I understand that if I do not provide consent to use my data, it will be impossible for ESO to fulfil my service(s) request.
As foreseen by the art. 14 of the Reg. U.E. 679/2016, I declare that I will provide a copy of this information to all the parties whose personal data I have communicated with the exclusive purpose of allowing the execution of the request I am submitting.

I authorize the European School of Oncology to use the provided data for promotional, commercial and marketing purposes at a subsequent time and / or unrelated to this request. If consent is not given, there will be no consequences for any contracts in progress.